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Planning Your Organization’s Return from COVID-19 Part 1: Who Will You Be When You Emerge?

When it is time, it is important that you reemerge with intention – that you take your learnings from this season to heart and work with your team and community to define how you want and need to show back up.

Planning Your Organization’s Return from COVID-19 Part 2: A Transitional Approach to Reemergence

Here I will walk you through a gentle, transitional approach to easing back in as public health restrictions are lifted and COVID-19 cases consistently decline.

Remote Workplace Equity

Leaders are scrambling in the midst of COVID-19 to safely get their teams to a remote-working status. Nonprofit executives are among the most nimble, adaptable, and committed leaders out there. For those of you who are adjusting to a remote work model, here are some considerations around remote workplace equity. Equipment  When setting expectations forContinue reading “Remote Workplace Equity”

Love in the Time of Corona

The vibe of the season is scarcity. In a world where “not enough” was already a raging force (not enough money, not enough sleep, not enough time…), COVID-19 has taken it up a big notch. Now we are overwhelmingly bombarded with constant news of dwindling resources: not enough diagnostic tests, not enough institutional preparedness, notContinue reading “Love in the Time of Corona”