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Kindred Consulting

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Organizational Development

With years of executive leadership and board service experience, Kindred Consulting can help you navigate whatever season your organization is in. Our approach is to learn about your organization, listen to your needs, and craft a unique and strategic path for you to accomplish your goals. Check out our services below, or reach out for something new. 

Strategy & Board

  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Roles & Responsibilities
  • Board Development
  • Maximizing Board Impact
  • Fundraising Strategy and Planning
  • Advocacy Strategy

Operational Support & Organizational Culture

  • Organizational (Re)Structure
  • Organizational Culture & Climate Assessment
  • Operational Planning
  • HR Systems and Policies
  • Hiring Process and Policies
  • Team Building

Diversity | Equity | Inclusion

  • DEI – Why You Should Care
  • DEI – Where to Start
  • DEI Assessments
  • DEI Strategy
  • Operating with an Equity Lens

What People Say

Mary Ellen

Jessica has a nuanced understanding of the important role a board of directors plays in the overall health and mission-fulfillment of an organization. She is highly skilled in helping board members understand that role, building a high-functioning board structure, and supporting board member engagement. All of that results in meaningful board service, and an effective partnership between the board and staff to create and drive the strategic vision of the organization.


“Jessica is a very warm-hearted and inspiring leader. She is a deep thinker who always encourages everyone around her to be expressive without inhibitions. She was instrumental in helping us establish an inclusive work culture that encourages every staff member to contribute at all levels. Staff meetings and group discussions always feel like a safe space. Her balanced style of leading and her welcoming demeanor leads to a positive atmosphere of learning and growing.”  

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