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Kindred Cafe

Let us help you connect with your professional peers in a meaningful way. Kindred Cafe is a series of virtual meetups with a cohort of your colleagues in a similar role. These confidential roundtables are professionally facilitated, but the group drives the content. At each session, you will build connection with your peers, develop a new support system, learn from one another, and gain valuable resources. We are currently offering Kindred Cafe online for the following professional roles:

WHOLE Community November Cohort

What People Say


“Jessica created a safe & intentional learning environment for us. We developed norms & agreements that set expectations for how we communicate, collaborate, interact, and learn together so that we could be vulnerable in our process. She incorporated topics of interest identified by us, and shaped our learning path for subsequent sessions. Her thoughtful & calm presence alongside her expertise & knowledge centered us. We were really able to connect with each other deeply and I am thrilled we were able to work with her!”

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