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Equity Lens

At Kindred Consulting, we operate with an equity lens. This means that, as we work with organizations and leaders, we are constantly thinking about the greater good and the communities impacted by the work. We center people, groups, and communities who are most impacted by disparities and consider the consequences they will face as a result of our ideas, choices and strategies. We challenge our clients to listen to and invite participation from the communities they affect and we approach this work with empathy and humility. Kindred Consulting challenges organizations to consider equity not as one insular facet of their work – but rather a lens through which they view all parts of their work. We have spent years doing our own learning around diversity, equity, and inclusion and are committed to our own growth.

What People Say


“Jessica is a leader with vision, focus and strategy who is not afraid to take risks to move an organization along. Jessica shifted the dominant-cultural core of our organization’s thinking, organizational structures, relationships  and practices towards a vision of equity and inclusion. She did this with humility, intention and grace.”


“Jessica is one of those rare leaders who has it all. She is a kind, powerful, and brilliant visionary and leader of people, but also has this incredible ability to challenge systems of oppression to create equitable outcomes for as many people as possible. In my experience working with Jessica, I was consistently blown away by her ability to be humble and continue learning about racial equity while holding her team accountable to operating with an equity lens in every single action they performed. The most impressive part of her leadership was her ability to do all of this with kindness and compassion, effectively bringing people along and acknowledging our ‘humanness’ every step of the way. Jessica is so needed in this work, and her commitment to this work ensures a kinder and more inclusive world for many generations to come.”

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