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Kindred Consulting

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About Kindred Consulting

Kindred Consulting exists to explore and push the boundaries of the structures and systems that have historically defined organizations. We believe in learning from the past (and from each other) and charting new courses as community leaders. When asked why we do something, we do not accept “because we’ve always done it this way” as an answer. We dig deeper, find purpose, perspective, and vision. At Kindred Consulting, we live by our values: intention, boldness, authenticity, equity and community as we guide organizations and leaders in strengthening their ethos, driving innovation, and deepening impact.

Kindred Consulting is based in Tulsa, OK and works with organizations and leaders nationwide.

Meet Jessica Lawmaster, MSW, Principal Consultant

Jessica’s career began with stories. As a forensic interviewer early in her career in Oklahoma, she was on the receiving end of more than 700 accounts of abuse straight from the mouths of child victims. It was listening to these powerful stories that compelled her to study trauma through a broader lens. In 2008, Jessica packed up her belongings (and her dog) and moved to Alaska. She was hired to develop three new Children’s Advocacy Centers in the Kenai Peninsula region of Alaska. Developing child abuse response systems under the umbrella of Haven House, a domestic violence and sexual assault organization, provided Jessica with an optimal environment for continuing to connect the dots of the intersections of different types of challenges experienced by individuals, families, and communities. In 2012, Jessica was hired as the Executive Director of Haven House and continued to work on local, statewide, and national initiatives focused on trauma and resilience. In 2015, Jessica was hired as Executive Director to lead a Seattle early parent support organization (PEPS).  There she guided a 35-year old Seattle institution through cultural transformation and strategic shifts to prioritize equity, inclusion and advocacy. In 2019, Jessica and her family decided it was time to make their way back “home.” They settled in Tulsa, OK, where Jessica launched Kindred Consulting and continues to provide support that helps leaders take their impact to the next level.

Jessica is passionate about community and is driven by the vision of a more equitable life for all. She believes that a community’s voice will drive relevant, innovative, and powerful solutions if we listen. It’s on us (organizations and leaders) to create the space to listen, reflect, and act.  

What People Say


“Jessica is a leader with vision, focus and strategy who is not afraid to take risks to move an organization along. Jessica shifted the dominant-cultural core of our organization’s thinking, organizational structures, relationships  and practices towards a vision of equity and inclusion. She did this with humility, intention and grace.”

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