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Kindred Consulting

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About Kindred Consulting

Kindred Consulting exists to explore and push the boundaries of the structures and systems that have historically defined organizations. We believe in learning from the past (and from each other) and charting new courses as community leaders. When asked why we do something, we do not accept “because we’ve always done it this way” as an answer. We dig deeper, find purpose, perspective, and vision. At Kindred Consulting, we live by our values: intention, boldness, authenticity, equity and community as we guide organizations and leaders in strengthening their ethos, driving innovation, and deepening impact.

Kindred Consulting is based in Tulsa, OK and works with organizations and leaders nationwide.

Meet the Consultants

Jessica Lawmaster, MSW
Founder and CEO

Jessica’s career began with stories. As a forensic interviewer early in her career in Oklahoma, she was on the receiving end of more than 700 accounts of abuse straight from the mouths of child victims. It was listening to these powerful stories that compelled her to study trauma through a broader lens. In 2008, Jessica packed up her belongings (and her dog) and moved to Alaska. She was hired to develop three new Children’s Advocacy Centers in the Kenai Peninsula region of Alaska. Developing child abuse response systems under the umbrella of Haven House, a domestic violence and sexual assault organization, provided Jessica with an optimal environment for continuing to connect the dots of the intersections of different types of challenges experienced by individuals, families, and communities. In 2012, Jessica was hired as the Executive Director of Haven House and continued to work on local, statewide, and national initiatives focused on trauma and resilience. In 2015, Jessica was hired as Executive Director to lead a Seattle early parent support organization (PEPS).  There she guided a 35-year old Seattle institution through cultural transformation and strategic shifts to prioritize equity, inclusion and advocacy. In 2019, Jessica and her family decided it was time to make their way back “home.” They settled in Tulsa, OK, where Jessica launched Kindred Consulting and continues to provide support that helps leaders take their impact to the next level.

Jessica is passionate about community and is driven by the vision of a more equitable life for all. She believes that a community’s voice will drive relevant, innovative, and powerful solutions if we listen. It’s on us (organizations and leaders) to create the space to listen, reflect, and act.  

Adana Protonentis
Senior Consultant

Adana is a community educator, parent advocate, convener, and scholar. Her work focuses on harnessing the power of narrative to create a more inclusive, just, and equitable community. A seasoned professional speaker and facilitator, Adana has a unique talent for making complex and emotionally charged subjects accessible to diverse audiences. Using a combination of data, storytelling, and a healthy dose of Black Girl Magic, Adana creates safe spaces for critical analysis, experiential learning, and deep conversation. By honoring the need to balance emotional honesty with sharp analysis and strategic action, Adana brings a holistic and human-centered approach to this work. Adana’s expertise lies in applying an intersectional lens to social equity issues, resulting in a nuanced and comprehensive analysis and the development of innovative solutions.

Adana comes to this work as a disabled, mixed-race Black mother, raising disabled kids. It is this life experience that gives Adana unique insight into the ways that racism, sexism, and other systems of oppression interact with and reinforce each other. This is what drives Adana’s passion for inclusive movement-building toward shared liberation, because all oppression is connected. Adana holds degrees in Organizational Leadership and Political Science, and is currently hard at work earning her Master’s degree in Public Administration from Seattle University. A sought-after speaker and facilitator, she has worked with organizations across the country to challenge systems of oppression and facilitate the creation of spaces for inclusion and belonging. Through her boundless curiosity and unwavering commitment to leading with compassion and empathy, Adana nurtures individuals and organizations as they develop their anti-oppression practices and make strides toward a world of justice and mutual flourishing.

Christine Bizzell
Partner Consultant

Christine began her career as a legal professional and soon founded a consulting firm dedicated to supporting trial lawyers. She had a keen sense of how to organize evidence and resources for maximum impact throughout the life of a case and during trial. In 2012, with confidence that there was a bigger purpose for her skillset, she set out to join her friends and support a non-profit in South Africa.

It was there she learned of CliftonStrengths, a tool designed to bring out the best in people by identifying natural strengths and breathing life into them. She underwent training to become a coach and immediately began mobilizing her own strengths to empower individuals and teams to engage their innate power with confidence.

These experiences led to further study of organizational development and leadership. Since then, Christine has earned an MBA, undergone mentorship from renowned leaders, coached over 200 individuals from 15+ countries, and worked with teams across the globe. In 2020, she founded Canon Collaborative, a people empowerment and operations group focused on powering life in individuals, teams, and organizations in which they flow. It is her mission to unify and empower teams focused on improving their communities for the greater good.

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